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DA Uniform

It's high time this army had a uniform—featuring DA's recently youthified logos.

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In my day there was something called books

Still storing your thoughts in your head? We've found a better way.

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That's Dialectics, Baby

Classic Hegel? That’s dialectics!

New Marx? That’s dialectics! 

Behavioral therapy? Also, dialectics! 

No matter how you dialectic, make sure that every time you dialectic you do it dialectically with this signature Dilettante Army merch.

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Between Gramsci & Teen Vogue

Whether you got here by following Antonio G. or the inimitable L.C., we’re just glad that you made it.

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Levity & Gravity

Thoughtfully designed for those rare dilettantes who are “haha funny” AND “haha oh no,” (jk, there are so many of us) this youthfully redesigned Dilettante Army merch is the perfect way to take a stand in favor of humorous stuff that still means something. 

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